But if you’re question isn’t answered here, just reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: What can I expect when I first come?

A: If it’s your first time checking us out, we are excited to meet you! When you walk in, just simply let us know that it’s your first time! We will have you complete a PARQ, show the ropes and introduce you to a few of our incredible Undergrounders.  We know that your first time in a new place can be intimidating, so our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible! If you have questions on how to do an exercise or need helping modifying the workout, just let us know.  We will always do what we can to help you feel comfortable at the Lab!

Q: What is the PARQ?

A: The PARQ is the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. Everyone must complete this before your first workout with us. This helps our trainers know if anyone may need special attention or modifications and to ensure that you are physically able to begin a training regimen.

Q: What if I can’t do burpees or pull-ups?

A: That’s okay, everyone has to start somewhere. Yes, some of our workouts include burpees or pull-ups or other moves that seem complex. But our trainers are able to modify any move for any fitness level. So if there is an exercise you aren’t yet ready for, we still want you to come in and try that workout! We will help make sure you are able to complete a butt-kicking workout every time you are here. And the stronger you get, the easier those exercises will be! So someday you will be a burpee and pull-up machine!

Q: Is place Crossfit?

A: No, we are not a Crossfit gym. We do have lots of the same equipment that Crossfit facilities use, but we do not follow a Crossfit training program. Why? Because we follow the SPE System based on Speed, Power and Endurance and know how incredible this system is! Our members have found amazing results from our unique training program and creative workouts. Sure, some of the moves we do may seem like those that happen in Crossfit, but that is because we are a performance based facility. We also don’t use the machines you see at big franchise gyms because our System because we know more effective methods for achieving results. That means you lift, run and jump all in one training program without the boring equipment.

Q: What is the SPE?

A: The SPE System is the foundation of our workout programs. It is a systematized program based on building speed, power and endurance simultaneously. To find out more about the SPE System, click here.

Q: Do you have showers?

A: Yes, we have showers at our facility. We do not have locker rooms, but we can still give you the necessities to get you ready for your workout or your day at the office.

Q: Can I come in at any time to workout?

A: Almost. With the studio access pass, you can come in and workout on your own any time between 5AM and 11PM, every day of the week. For members with Fit Mod packages without Studio Access, you are able to sign up and come in to any of the Fit Mod sessions.

Q: When can I come talk to someone about a membership?

A: We have trainers available at most times in the day, but not always (and when they are here, they are training other awesome peeps). So if you need to come in and see a trainer, ask questions or talk about signing up, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we can set up a good time to meet with you.

Q: Can I get my body fat tested and does it cost?

A: We can absolutely measure your body fat! Just let one of our trainers know and we can schedule at time to do your testing. We can do a 6 site measurement based on the ACSM standards or the 12 site measurement based on the Poliquin standards. We do not use bioelectrical impedance measurements as these are not reputable or accurate sources for measurement.

This service costs $25 each time for people outside of our community. But for our members, you can have this service free of charge for one measurement each month. Just a perk because we like you guys.

Q: Do I get help with my nutrition?

A: Everyone that signs up for a membership with the Underground Lab is given the UGL Nutrition Guide to help you understand what your nutrition needs are and how to hit your fitness results quickly. Our trainers know nutrition is just as important as fitness and are able to answer questions and offer advice to help you improve your nutrition and get your results faster.

Q: Why is Personal Training only 30 minutes?

A: Personal Training is only 30 minutes because we know that this is an effective amount of time for a fat blasting workout. Since you have individual attention (that mean’s no slacking or cheating), most people can’t push themselves for more than 30 minutes (including your warm up). We spend that 30 minutes truly focused on getting work done and pushing your body to the limits. We promise that you won’t need them to be longer than 30 minutes or you might not be able to walk out of the studio!

Q: If I sign up for a studio pass, will I know what to do?

A: If this is your first time working out and you aren’t sure how to begin, we recommend you start with a month or two of Fitness Modules or Private Training. These sessions are coach guided and we can teach you how to use proper technique and form in your workouts. We even have an awesome deal you can take advantage of to get one month of Fit Mods for a crazy cool price! Once you know how to workout, you can start using your studio pass and work out on your own! 

For our studio passers that already know the proper techniques for training, you can come in at the time that works best for your schedule and do yo’ thang. We give all our studio passers an extra perk! You also have access to three, pre-programmed workouts you can follow if you choose!  These are constantly updated and vary depending on your fitness goals. 

Q: If I have a studio pass, can I bring people with me?

A: Sure, you can bring a guest with you but your guest must complete a PARQ before their workout with you!   If you want to bring a guest, just let us know in advance and we can send you the PARQ for them to complete. Each guest is allowed to come one time with you. If they are interested in joining after that, we are happy to let them know and can offer them a super cool deal!

Q: Can I get a discount through my employer?

A: Possibly! There are many companies in the area that we have established relationships with and are able to offer you extra discounts just because you work there. If your employer is not part of our Discount List, let us know! We would love to create a relationship with your company and help you and your coworkers get some extra perks!

Q: What are benchmarks?

A: Benchmarks are our version of measuring progress. Each quarter, we complete benchmark measurements. This means we help you max out on a handful of key exercises (like the squat, bench press, etc). We are able to track your progress and see the overall improvements of our members. This helps us shape our programming for the next quarter. If we, as a whole, kick a$$ in one area but are a little weak in others, we know how to design our programming next quarter to keep us well rounded. These measurements are a great way to track individual and group progress. Our members love to see a systemized way to measure their progress (and it’s an awesome time to cheer on your fellow Undergrounders).

Q: If I have any questions, who do I ask?

A: If you ever have a question or concern, we always want to hear about it! You can call us at 913-608-9330. You should be able to reach a live person between the hours of 8 and 5 (if not, a super awesome person will call you back ASAP). Or you can email us at theundergroundlab@yahoo.com! We would also go for snail mail, carrier pigeon or telepathy if you have means to those too.